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dhyeya law

How should I prepare my notes while preparation?

For your preparation you should choose one standard book for each subject and study that in detail. You should not go jumping from one book to another. While studying you must take notes in a concise and precise manner. Notes provided by Dhyeya Law are prepare after a long and deep research and written in […]

dhyeya law

How can I improve my answer writing skill for the Main Examination?

There are three kinds of answers you will have to write in the Main Examination. For the language paper you should be familiar with the language itself. For this you must practice previous year question of the language paper on monthly basis. For the question of pleading and drafting you must know the format and […]

dhyeya law

How should I read the Bare Act?

Understanding the language of the Bare Act is essential. You should be able to differentiate among the words at the end of any provision given in the Act. You should not just mug up the provisions but you should be able to connect the implementation of one provision with the others.

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