Interview is a very important part of Examination Process.  This can not only shut the door of selection but sometimes will make a very important impact on the rank.  This is the part where an aspirant is most apprehensive as he has rarely faced this type of test.

To make our participants excel, Dhyeya Law runs two linked programs for interview. One is a class room program which covers non -verbal communication, verbal communication, law and current issues.

Key Points
  • Class room program for non-verbal examination.
  • Mock interview by full panel.
  • Briefing after every interview to the student.
  • Multiple appearances before the panel.

The second part is Mock Interview. We at Dhyeya Law create an actual ambience of the interview and our board consist of very experienced panellists. One of them is always a Civil Servant who has reached to the rank of Secretary to Govt. of India with more than 35 years’ experience and second member is always from HJS. The third member is a recognized academician. Thus, our panel actually reflects the same composition which an interviewee will face in the actual interview.  The interview is long and repeated two three times.

After every session candidate is briefed that how he can improve further. Special care is taken to monitor the gait, gesticulation, verbal intonation and all facets of non-verbal communication.Along with this special care is taken to bolster the confidence of the aspirants so that he does not falter in the actual interview. Our results of interview have been very productive. This is also the part of Premier one- year program.

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