One Year Classroom Programme (Premium Batch)

Premium Batch, as the name suggests is a flagship program of Dhyeya Law for Judicial Service Examinations. Although the duration of course is One Year, however the quantum of input provided is much more as during weekend a sandwiched program of General Studies and Language is also run. This program has been designed after painstaking research and trend analysis. it matches the need of aspirants with the trend of examination. It has three components,Law, General Studies along with the Language and Answer writing sessions along with some other features.

Key Points
  • Sessions for Law+General Studies+Language.
  • Includes PMI and Interview Program.
  • Answer writing after every Saturday.
  • “Week that was” event every Saturday.
  • Class test after each module.
  • Covers syllabus of UP, MP, Bihar and other states also.

The classes of Law will be held 6 days in a week with five-day classroom sessions and answer writing sessions on Saturday. At the end of every week and of every module there will be tests covering both the prelims and mains. The Law will not only cover the Topics of UPPCSJ but will also touch subjects covered by MP and Bihar PCSJ exams. The coverage will be focused and specific to the need of the exam, so that the entire time is gainfully utilized with the productive results.

Procedural Law will be covered by the faculty who have worked in HJS for long years and are adept in the nuances of Procedure Codes along with the Evidence Act. It has been felt that the compulsory question in Procedural law Paper which deals with the Plaint, Written Statement, framing of the issues and of the writing of the judgement has been a thorn in the side of the aspirants. A separate module has been designed to cover this question with practice sessions under the guidance of faculty who have spent a life time in the Court so that perfection is achieved.

General Studies have been a forte of Dhyeya. The same expertise, level of knowledge and depth will now be available to the students of Dhyeya Law. Better still this will be honed to the need of judicial service examination and will be PCS J specific. Many a times aspirants have done well in the Law as it was their core strength but faltered in the Law and Language. This module aims to remedy that.

Along with the various areas of General Studies, every week on Saturday a module will held on the current event, “Week That Was “. In one week, it will cover national event and in another international event. It will also focus on important legal judgments.  The current events are important not only for General Studies but sometimes these questions surface in the paper of Law also in the prelims (UPPCSJ).

Thus, this current event program will buttress both the General Studies and the Law. The classes of General Studies will be held on the Friday and Saturday. It will be a Six Hour module every week which will include one-hour session on Current events and sessions on a particular subject of General Studies, like History and Culture, Geography, Science and Technology etc. A faculty who excels in language will cover all the topics of language paper in a specially designed module. There will be regular tests for Essay writing, translation and precis.

Thus, unlike many other institutions who adopt one size fits all, Dhyeya Law presents with a rainbow faculty who are the expert and experienced in their chosen field. This will not only enrich the interaction but also maximize the gain for the participants.

The participants of the Premier Course will also participate in the PMI Program and the Interview Program. Thus, one-year Premier program has been designed in a manner which meets all the reequipments of a Judicial Service aspirant and will facilitate his realization of the dreams.

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