Two Year Exclusive Programme: NIRMAAN

After completion of 10+2, students feel confused over career issues. Though they have high energy level, strong willpower and hardworking attitude but due to lack of guidance and supervision, they feel helpless and depressed. Finally their dreams and efforts go in vain. They just need a little help of a professional and eminent coaching institute. Dhyeya Law is a platform which facilitates how to succeed in Judicial Service Examination.

The Mantra

Catch them Young: As the State’s Judicial Service Examination is not an annual Exam like Civil Services Exam, the aspirant must be prepared to write the exam whenever the opportunity arrives. If the aspirant starts preparing early during his Law graduation, by the end of his last semester he will be prepared to write the Judicial Service Examination,in case it is held just after his graduation. He will not have to wait for the next Exam, schedule of which will be uncertain.

Hit The Ground Running: Knowledge of Law is fresh in the mind of the aspirant during his Law graduation. If he starts with a strategic preparation for Judicial Service Examination at an early stage he will find it easier as the concepts are fresh in his memory.

Two Stage Programme:

Two year Programme is defined in two stages.

  • First 6 months will be focus on Bare Act reading and learning.
  • Another 18 months will prepare the aspirant for the competitive exam format.

Key Features of  NIRMAAN

  • Moot court Sessions
  • Legal Debates
  • Case law compilation assignments
  • Project Work on legal issues
  • Case Studies sessions
  • Free legal aid camps

Methodology of  NIRMAAN 

Classroom Lectures

  • Well defined and up to date course.
  • Easy delivery of lectures.
  • Focus on concept clarity.
  • Interactive study and use of
  • Charts/diagrams.
  • Develop reading & writing skills.

Open Discussion 

  • Doubt clarity.
  • Group discussion.
  • Confidence building among students and their comparative evaluation.
  • Use of latest methodologies i.e Audio, Video presentations.

Test & Evaluation 

  • Daily concept clarity test.
  • Weekly test
  • Revision test within a month.
  • Rank wise position and encouragement.
  • Focus to identify the weakness of students.

Guest Lecture 

  • To understand the functioning of Judiciary we organize guest lecture form the member of Judiciary, occasionally.
  • Senior members of Judicial System will share their rich experience.
  • Students will understand the ground realities.
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